In the center of the source of our power to build the future together is “the happiness of all of us” stands. Our main aim is to realize your dreams, improve your quality of life and secure the future. Preserving today's life, being aware of value of the past, contributing to the nature of the future! If we act together the power is us! We have professionals who works for R&D center aiming to obtain the beauties we want to reproduce what comes from core of our mission, and the nature that desires to remain generous in all conditions, that’s what respect to life is for us!

Global warming, environmental pollution, unhealthy societies… Greenhouse gas is a huge problem now. The threat is big, but the awareness is significant.  All of our efforts is remarkable. The purpose of a “sustainable” life is all of us’ goal!

Your bathroom is the main place where you need  water most, and it should be the most hygienic Siphon, shower, faucet ... The center of water consumption at home! We’re responsible for the energy consumption while turning raw material into the final product. Since there is life in your bathroom, then we need to take care of the resources.

Since there is life in the bathroom, there is a fight against climate change, taking care of the resources and of course a fight against any type of permanent waste that cannot be recycled! In your bathroom; there is Turkuaz Seramik’s responsibility for nature and future also.

There is creativity to be unique then…  Opening up new horizons for new dreams. Raising our vision for finding instant solution to the needs. There is soil, water, mud... There are seas, lakes, waterfalls, which forms 70% of the planet. Our raw material is nature, our service is for human! For everyone who fits their love, music, joy, and future with their hopes responsibly, Turkuaz Seramik is life itself  in the bathroom.