Since the day stepping into the sector, Turkuaz Seramik undertake a mission to develop solutions for the needs of the future. For that purpose whole team quickly integrates the latest developments into its solutions. It’s certain that innovation is main part of our corporate culture.

In Turkuaz Seramik,  1200 people working with the same motivation and energy to carry the power of the future to the present. Our designers enrich life with their visionary perspectives, color the dreams with their limitless imagination, beautify bathrooms with unique designs and are awarded with the appreciation of the most respected institutions of the world. In addition that we have a R&D department that has been established and equipped with the the latest technology. Because Turkuaz Seramik always reflects the vision of the future.

Conditions might change, production line might be updated, technologies might be developed, trends might be determined again, risks are reconsidered, bathrooms might be surrounded with brand new products, but development always goes on and never stops! Our production facility is our strength, we have power to adopt new trends, and our professional team have desire to search for improvements. 

As 60 countries of the world knows well, we make no concessions on quality! Considering the needs of the future, we are capable of finding  clever solutions because of the significant experience of the past, power of science, we bring future to your home.