Concealed Cistern, Nil

Dual flush, adjustable flush valve.

Feel the difference with nature friendly concealed cistern.


• Impact and cold resist HDPE body

• High resist metal frame 30×30 mm.

• Damp and noise isolation

• 236×152 mm minimal push button

• Dual function 3/6 lt , adjustable inner mechanism.

• Stainless steel flexi hose

• Durable for 400 kgs load

• Suitable for all king of our push buttons

• Easy and quick installation and maintenance for fill-flush mechanism.

• Easy and quick installations

• Easy to supply spare parts

• Functional plastic channel / cap to protect the inner from dust and cement residuals

• For wall-hung WC with fastening distance 180 mm or 230 mm

• Can be used only with wall-hung WC Pans

• System operates at 0,1 – 10 bar inlet water pressure

• Minimum wall thickness application is 110 mm

• Suitable for concrete wall and drywall

Item Code


Mounting Type

Drywall Type

Product Code : 9CC0800040

Mounting Type :   √        

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