There is life. Since its existence, life exists in 1993 when the soil and mud took shape and took its final form and the first product came out for us!

Is it a product? We call it, an old flame. Labor is elbow grease; which started the "life"! Once the life begins, there is labor in the bathroom.

There is assertiveness. Establishing in Turkey and being in demand by 60 countries of the world. 

There is a dream then… Not being stuck in dreams; making them come true.

We like dreaming but we’re proud of establishing Europe's largest sanitaryware manufacturing facility.  

In the facilities equipped with the latest technology, we accept the standards set by the world authorities as "sub-standards" and then we manufacture!

The pride of 1000 employees acting in unison work for responding three continents’ demands is also part of our success story.

Quality is not achieved by chance; Using the best raw materials is essential for us!

We precisely established the R&D department; because we believe in innovation.

We follow trends closely but beside that we’re working hard to be trendsetter as well.

Aesthetic, functional, modern, innovative, high quality… Every product having Turkuaz Seramik signature offers unlimited customer satisfaction!

Thanks to the limitless imagination of our designers, it is possible to receive awards from the most prestigious organizations in the world!

There is innovation, then… Innovation in both product and service is in our corporate culture. Since the day we were founded, we know that; If there is a good future, there is innovation!

We also have "energy" to be environmentally friendly! Instead of using energy resources that are harmful to nature, we use renewable resources!

Our ultimate goal is to leave a livable world to future generations… “Sustainability” is in the first place in Turkuaz Seramik's list!

… One of the places where you can stay alone with yourself is the bathroom; It is #lifeinyourbathroom Because there is Turkuaz Seramik in your bathroom!

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