Production Capacity

Turkuaz Seramik has become one of the most important players of the world market by going beyond its borders for a quarter century, offering customers many products from washbasins to toilets, urinals to mixers, with higher quality and more aesthetics day by day. Turkuaz Seramik holds as its principle the sense of quality in every area of ​​life, thus keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront and continuing to offer luxury living spaces with thousands of sales points, both in Turkey and 60 countries worldwide.

With the first factory established in 1993, Turkuaz Seramik has achieved an annual capacity of 2.5 million pieces and has become a leader in its sector. Our brand, which is shown among the most important manufacturers in the world, renews the production process every day with our expert staff closely following the developing technologies.


Turkuaz Seramik, doubling production capacity with our second facility established in 2010, provides a full service answering the demands coming from three continents and 60 countries with professional staff and facilities equipped with the latest technology.  


Our brand, with the biggest sanitaryware facility in Europe, has a wide product portfolio consisting of sanitaryware, armatures and fittings. With an annual production of 3 million products, it is among the first three companies in the sector.