Nature, seasons and all functions of life are formed by an innovative process of change that advances in time. Soil, water and fire have a central position in this process. As Turkuaz Seramik, we feed soil, water and fire with our design experience, and we pay close attention to apply our creative and original ideas at every stage of our management, from our business processes to the products.


Since the day we stepped into the sector, we see innovation as an important activity having continuity and we are constantly working to improve this area at every stage of our corporate culture.


We regard innovation as a part of our daily life, reflecting it to all our business processes, regardless of job descriptions. We carry out a systematic study at every stage: from product innovation, including the process of developing and delivering a new and different product to the market, to service innovation that includes the innovation and development of the service offered to the customer.


Aside from this, we are developing different marketing strategies with our innovative approaches in our communication processes. With our efforts in the field of organizational innovation, we maintain our current market position and renew ourselves in this field every day. We look at life, our environment and our products through the eyes of consumers, and we reflect our innovative approaches to every step of the journey-from an initial idea to the final product.

As Turkuaz Seramik, we put our signature on innovative products with the value we attach to innovation and we respond to the expectations of consumers who prefer quality in 60 countries around the world.